Pinch Me...I was there!

When you know, you know! That's how love works. Scrolling through Instagram the other night, I found a scene I recognized and it took my breath away! Love at first sight. If you and I have shared at least one conversation between January 30th of this year and now, you know that I have been talking nonstop about the workshop I attended with 20 other women in Washington state in August.

From the moment I found out that I made it into the workshop (there were over 500 people who applied!), I have been walking in the clouds. I still pinch myself when I think of my good fortune --- like I said, much like being in love.

Check out the article about this magical place that is Floret Flower and you will see, I'm not the only one who's fallen hard...

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Yours truly in the bottom left corner with the feeling of this is what I was meant to do!
 There I am having the time of my life in this magnificent barn..
 The Floret Flower workshop in August of 2015 was a life changing event for me. It was a workshop that was much more than how to arrange flowers in a vase.
I made lifelong friends with like minded folks, completed Strength Finders, talked about contracts and inspiring books and discussed Erin's vision boards from years past. YES, Floret was on my vision board before she catapulted to fame.
I left inspired, knowing I could do anything in the flower world.
Bring it on!


Floret Farm

Once in a while, you see and feel things that completely resonate with your soul!


Years ago when I first started seeing farm-picked, organic flowers in loose, whimsical styles, my heart soared. I fell in love! I started following one particular floral designer and flower farmer, Erin Benzakein of Floret Farm, via every social media avenue possible!

Erin Benzakein

Erin has been a pioneer in the “local-flower renaissance." We all know about farm-to-table food, but Erin inspires us to take the flowers from the field straight to the vase and skip those flowers that have had a long airplane ride from South America.

Sunflowers by Floret Farm

This week, a small group of like-minded folks will gather at Floret Farm in Skagit Valley, Washington for a three-day, floral intensive workshop with Erin and her wonderful staff.

Erin at Floret Farm

We will pick flowers from the fields at Floret Farm and assemble these beauties with branches, edibles, and vines to make beautiful art and to learn from one of the very best floral designers and farmers in the business.

To top it all off, on the last day, we will make centerpieces and decorate the barn for a little late summer dinner soiree, which of course, will just be a short ride from the farm to the table.


American Made Winners” in 2014 

Erin was one of Martha Stewart’s “American Made Winners” in 2014.


September 2015  Country Living Magazine.

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Field to Vase

We've all heard about theFarm to Table movement...


The concept of the Field to Vase movement is no different!


What if you could walk out to your back porch or even reach out the window to your window box and grab a handful of fresh flowers?  Sounds like a country dream!  But it's possible for city dwellers and farmers alike.



What's the deal with buying locally when it's flowers (not food)?  The flowers last longer as they haven't been in holding in trucks, planes, etc. and out of the soil for days or even weeks.

IMG_7077 But even better than buying locally... growing your own assortment of wild flowers!


Growing your own "Garden to Vase" flowers will make you put down your phone and run outside to see what is blooming.  Ask me how!




Be Still...Be in Awe

BE PRESENT! Watch the butterflies closely, smell the flowers, watch the blooms open, see the flowers wilt, look at the leaves unfurl. It is all a miracle!  Don't miss out on the details of life!

Be Present!

Watch the butterflies closely,

smell the flowers,

watch the blooms open,

see the flowers wilt,

look at the leaves unfurl.

Don't miss the details of life.

It is all a miracle!

Happy April!