Gift Guide for Christmas 2015



Don't you love giving and getting experiences as gifts? Experiences outlast most gifts you will find wrapped under the tree.

In the coming months I will be holding flower workshops for all of you flower lovers. We will have beautiful flowers to arrange and each participant will create a floral arrangement that can be enjoyed at home or given as a gift.

Gift certificates are available for these workshops by request. Please email me at

Painted in Waterlogue

Gift Certificates for Landscaping Design and Container Gardens are available for any amount.

Send your request to and I will email you a gift certificate in the desired amount.



Leather tool belt


If you are a floral designer, gardener, landscaper or simply need a place to park your tools, your phone, pen and your keys; you need to order this well crafted and functional leather tool belt.

This tool belt keeps my tools right where I can find them and makes me look and feel like a BAD****! After a full year of use it still in great shape, looks clean and makes me really happy when I wear it! I anticipate wearing this belt for years to come.

Made in NC by Wheeler Munroe of Wheeler Munroe Leather.

Available at Floret Farm. See the link above.


Atlas Nitrate Gloves


Stuff these in your own stocking. These gloves allow dexterity and are tough enough to use pulling up stubborn weeds and vines.


Crossback Chambray Apron


This reminds me of a modern housecoat, that coat or cover your grandmother would throw over her fancy clothes to work in the kitchen before guests arrived. I plan to use it while arranging flowers! It is long, has a big front pocket, slips over the head and is made of European linen. A good look!


Cold Pack


If you garden, haul potting soil around, pull weeds, trim hedges and generally do lots of physical labor--- order this. It is a necessity. If you often find your shoulders up around your ears---order this. Heck, get every stressed out member of the family one! It will ease the pain! LOL!


Jonathan Adler Lantern Vase


This simple vase with a narrow neck allows you to drop in some greens and flowers or one long stemmed flower or an aspidistra leaf and have a stunning piece with the vase doing all the work.




Whether rocking on the porch or making forts on a rainy day, these blankets are just the best. They last forever and you can pass them down to the next generation. I have one of my grandmother had.

Woolrich has been in business since 1830! Think about it, that is  BEFORE the Civil War. Woolrich definitley made it past the "most businesses fail in the first five years" factoid.

There are so many plaids, stripes and colors from which to choose,  I'd be shocked if you can limit yourself to just one wool blanket. Be sure to check out the Hudson Bay Collection.



My New Roots


Sarah Britton, a holistic nutritionist, is obviously a great photographer, as well as, a super cook. In this cookbook you will find gorgeous, photos and mouthwatering, healthy, plant based recipes that are categorized by season. Yum!


Moore Farms and Botanical Gardens


  Darla Moore's Moore Farm and Botanical Gardens is an amazing place to visit and to learn. Programs and educational events are for all ages.

I attended a fascinating class on herbs, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, a few months ago and it was a great learning experience with like minded "garden folks." Give the gift of learning. Check out their events page.


Wide Footed Vase


All of the handmade ceramics by Frances Palmer are gorgeous!!! I have followed her work for years and it was love at first sight. I know you and I (not so subtle hint) would love to find anything by Frances Palmer under the tree!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!